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Online English Course

Learn English with us effectively at an affordable fees convenient to you.

Learn English with us effectively at an affordable fees convenient to you.

We are very please to let you know that we have a very effective and proven methods going  online and corresponding English Course for you at an affordable fees and learning at your convenience. 

  Multimedia English with Digital Language Lab
 There are 4 levels of English Course which include:-
1. Level 1 :   Beginner 
2.Level 2:-    Lower Intermediate 
3. Level 3 :-  Upper Intermediate
4. Level 4 :-  Proficient
Format of the course include : Books, CDs, VCDs, online and correspondence.
This Multimedia English course is the most popular study program from Linguaphone. It has been specifically designed for those who wish to acquire English language proficiency for the purposes of real-life communication. The course uses real-life day-to-day situations covering many skills such as making general conversation; giving, accepting and declining invitations; asking and giving information; explaining problems; qualifying opinions and much more. 
Why you should choose trust us?
Information about Linguaphone – a World Wide Organisation. (information at Wikipaedia)

Linguaphone is a global language training provider, and has provided self-study language courses for more than 108 years.

Part of the Linguaphone Group, Linguaphone’s portfolio of self-study language products is sold in more than 60 countries worldwide. They produce a wide range of self-study language courses in 15 languages; available on CD, MP3 download and MP4 media players for students of all levels wanting to learn a new language.

Know more about our courses
Online English
1. The Online English course provides tests based on our Multimedia English course. 
2. The learner is provided with a password to log on to the website where they will be tested on their language skills.
3. The online learning modules are drawn from the contents of levels 1, 2 & 3 of the Multimedia English course. These include the :
a. Provide a mixture of fun and stimulating exercises designed to enhance your understanding of English
b. Are each linked to a progress test that will chart your success
c. Play Promo Video
4. Daily English
a) Daily English provides an unrivaled selection of global quality media in one unique system. Delivered via the Internet, it expands your vocabulary and tests your knowledge via up-to-the-minute articles from a variety of international newspapers, including The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Washington Post and International Herald Tribune, as well as radio and TV programs from the BBC.
b) Each article and broadcast program is accompanied by article notes, exercises, vocabulary and grammar notes written by a team of qualified teachers, editors and language experts.
c) Together with a new 28,000 word dictionary, Daily English is now the online learning resource of choice for English language customers around the world.
d) Daily content Update
i) With a new article every day covering a range of subjects from sports to current affairs, Daily English provides intermediate learners with the chance to learn and practise up-to-the-minute vocabulary and keep abreast of current affairs in English, all at the same time!
5. Grammar Section
 Written by a team of qualified teachers, editors and language experts, this section is devoted to a whole host of subjects to reinforce and refresh your knowledge and understanding of key points of grammar.
6. TV and Radio Reports
Listening skills are significantly improved by watching or listening to news broadcasts from award-winning news channels, BBC News 24 and BBC Radio’s “From Your Own Correspondent”.
7. Online Dictionary
Explanations of any highlighted word are only the touch of a button away in our new 28,000 word dictionary from top UK reference publishers A&C Black.
8. Activities
Comprehension exercises and a grammar workshop allow you to test your understanding and practise what you have learned.
9. Graded Articles
Each article has a unique, independent learning objective, graded from intermediate to advanced based on Council of Europe levels.
10. Article Notes
You can read the explanation of the language and grammar used within each article for a more in-depth understanding of the English language, helping you understand how the article has been constructed and used from a written perspective.
11. Search Facility
Pinpoint your learning with our comprehensive keyword search facility of archived articles.
12. Print Facility
Print TV and radio scripts or newspaper articles so you can work on them in your own time, away from your computer.

The whole package course includes:-

1. 16 CDs accompanied with four guide books. These books are carefully planned  
2.  2 VCDs accompanied with 1 guide book 
3. free one CD PLAYER (about the half the size of the A4 paper ) – a very convenient tool to carry about without sticking to the PC.
4. free headphone and microphone.
5. corresponding course via postal. We will provide you with the questions that are related to the course. Students are required to answer the questions and send via postal to the address provided. Experienced teachers are assigned to mark and comment on the work. 
6. Tests will be given to the students and the answered papers will be marked and corrected by the experienced teachers.
7. A Certificate from London, will be presented to students upon completion of the course.
8. Online service for the students to enquire about the course work. You are just experiencing teacher – to -student facilities (one -to -one tuition) to ensure your success in achieving your goal  

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